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Anonymous asked: onde eu pego o photoshop sem ser o pago?

Amor, da uma olhadinha no YouTube, lá tem vários videos ensinando como baixar e instalar e já tem até os links pra download nas descrições dos videos

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Uhuuuul, parabéns pra mim :3

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its our party we can do what we want

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Selena Gomez Candids

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Song: UnknownWhat's Hatnin' (feat. Future)
Artist: UnknownJustin Bieber
Album: UnknownJournals
Played: 155719 times


What’s Hatnin’- Justin Bieber

remember to buy it on itunes once it’s out!! xx @hashtagsbieber

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Anonymous asked: poderia fazer icons dessa foto por favor? pbs(.)twimg(.)com/media/Bb5ffVwIMAAudNX(.)jpg (só tirar os parenteses) obrigada!


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PSD 004 by firelighticons

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Anonymous asked: I Love u justinnnnnnnn

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